simon genderquill

just a psa all of my friends are my best friends, i don’t think it’s right to stack and compare friends to each other, i mean the only way i’d put one friend above another is if we were romantically involved that’s like the only exception

i love u all, okay?

timefox7 replied to your post “RED!!!!!!!!!”

#5? ^-^

mtouji replied to your post “RED!!!!!!!!!”

Tee hee, am I numbah twooo? ;3


timey was also the bird nerd! 

Grey (unless the've all been taken ^-^)

oh timey u totally overestimate how popular i am .___.

Grey: 2 facts about my favourite things

  1. one is blonde
  2. one has black hair 




Red: 5 facts about my bestfriend(s).

  1. one is a huge bird nerd
  2. one is a huge dweeb
  3. one is a gay ghost
  4. one of them may or may not actually be a spy
  5. one of them has excellent taste in cartoons

now fight among the three of you to decide who is who >:3c

Purple: 10 facts about my room.
Blue: 9 facts about my family.
Green: 8 facts about my body
Yellow: 7 facts about my childhood
Orange: 6 facts about my home town.
Red: 5 facts about my bestfriend(s).
Pink: 4 facts about my parents.
White: 3 facts about my personality.
Grey: 2 facts about my favourite things
Black: 1 fact about the person I like.

*Bobby comes running towards you and cracks it, saying that his Backcracks of JUSTICE always prevail!* *…then he massages it ;3*

back cracks of justice? duuuuude

yes, you two would be known as the spouses who like to make bad puns! xD And the saying from everyone is, “DOOOH, those Blackquils!”

"those Blackquills"


Double-D was always my fav, I guess I’ve always loved the nerds! ^-^

timey r we the same person?? he was my favorite too!! i remember when i was younger i wanted to be as smart as him, and i always found his voice adorable as heck x3


not all bi women are attracted to men jfc


Don’t trust people who don’t have fat friends.

Did you sleep on it wrong? Applying heat to it helps.

it’s cause i was running around a lot and bending over at a kinda funny angle at work today u.u it should just go away as long as i rest tonight!

ku ku ku ku!!! Yes, that husband of yours would always tell his bad puns in front of your friends and their spouses, and you’d always be like, “Siiiiimon!!!”

actually i freaking love puns so he’d have me on the floor, rollin’


Because it’s true and you know it (btw I love ed, edd and eddy!)

i do too, it’s such a good show!!

my back’s kinda funked up